WTC Mine Monitor

A simple, lightweight tool to monitor your Waltonchain (WTC) CLI GPU miners. It is designed to work with both single and multi-GPU mining rigs. It scans for an error every 60 seconds and sends a notification to your Telegram if an error is found.

One of the main advantages of this tool lies in its ease of use and simplicity. There is nothing to install - simply follow the instructions under "Using the Tool" and access your generated link on your mining rig/s.

This monitoring tool is designed to minimise reliance on a web server. Once the monitoring page is loaded by your browser, further communication with this server is no longer required for the tool to function. If this server goes down after you load your monitoring tool, it will not affect the operation of your monitoring tool.

What this does mean is that there are several limitations to this tool.

Errors that this tool can detect include:

Errors that this tool cannot detect:

There is also no dashboard functionality, so you cannot remotely view the current status of a mining rig.

To detect the additional errors above and to have dashboard functionality, the monitoring tool will necessarily need to constantly communicate with a web server. A version of this tool with these features is currently in the works.

To prevent false positives, an error message is only sent when the same error persists five times in a row - in other words there is an error reporting delay of about 5 minutes.

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